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Learn more about the Uolo Volt Fast Wireless Charging Pad/Stand
Thursday, May 09, 2019

This month we are doing a product spotlight on The Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand/Pad.

With most mobile devices on the market adapting to wireless charging for its convenience, many brands have made their own wireless charging devices to meet this growing need. This has made it so there are a lot of different wireless chargers to choose from.

The range in pricing, quality and features vary and making an informed choice could be a daunting task for some customers. Being able to provide these customers answers to their questions regarding these wireless charging devices could help convert them from just looking to making the purchase.

Here are a few selling features that will help you help your customers make an informed decision about why the Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand/Pad is the right choice.

  • Qi certified 10 watt fast wireless charging. The Qi certification is an internationally recognized standard for wireless charging products. This means products that carry the logo/certification can be trusted to provide high quality performance and compatibility with all Qi enabled Devices and Chargers. Now why should this matter to your customers, well if they choose to use a non-Qi certified wireless charger they could potentially damage their device or other property the non-certified device is sitting on/around. This is because Qi certified products must go through rigorous testing to qualify them, other non-certified devices may go through some testing but may not meet all or any of the standards Qi requires. 
  • Unlike other products on the market the Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand/Pad is fast charging right out of the box. This wireless charger comes with the wireless Charging Stand/Pad, 1m USB C cable, and Qualcomm QC 2.0 wall charger, everything you need.
  • Dual function positioning, like the name says the Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Pad/Stand can be used as either a pad (lying flat) or a stand (in an upright position). This function is achieved via the metal insert that is set into the device when in stand position and conveniently magnetises to the bottom of the pad when not in use.
  • Did you know? The Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand/Pad is great to use in your bedroom. Many of the wireless charging pads currently on the market have LED indicator lights that flash or just stay on when your device is charging. It is not recommended to have light sources on in your bedroom after you’ve gone to sleep, as they disturb your natural sleep patterns. The National Sleep Foundation says, “Having a nightlight in your room will disturb natural melatonin production… Melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep. And even with your eyelids closed, the light is detected and your brain gets confused about what time it is. As a result, your body doesn’t produce as much melatonin. This doesn’t just impair your sleep. Being exposed to light throughout the night impacts hormone function and is connected to depression and an increased cancer risk. For all of those reasons, keeping your room as dark as possible really is best.”

With that thought in mind, having your mobile device on a wireless charging pad with a light on all night is not just annoying but also may be bad for your health. This is where the Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand/Pad could make your bedroom a more restful place. This wireless charging stand/pad does have an LED indicator light but the light remains covered by your device when it is charging. Having this feature helps to significantly reduce the light pollution produced by the charging pad.

These are just some of the great features of the Uolo Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand/Pad. If you have any questions please contact us at