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Uolo Soul POP for iPhone X
Friday, October 27, 2017

The Uolo Soul POP for iPhone X has all the great features you love from the original Uolo Soul case but the POP also has some extra added bonuses.

Let’s start with the standard features:

Like all Uolo Soul cases the POP version boasts a transparent hard shell and anti-scratch backing, to show off the look of your iPhone X while keeping that glass back protected from unwanted scratching.  

The case is very slim in profile keeping the bulk that can potentially be added by a case to a minimum, this slenderness allows the case to remain a lightweight option.

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The edge of this case is a rubber bumper that helps protect you from those dreaded screen shattering drops on the corners and sides of your device. The bumper is also where you will find the main difference between the Soul POP and the original Soul case, the added colour you find with in this bumper edge gives you the option to dress up your device. The cases for the iPhone X come in three colour choices, Black, Gray and Pink for those who are more adventurous in colour choice.

The front of your phone will also have some protection and scratch resistance due to the slight raised edge of the bumper. But the top new feature and big seller on this new Uolo Soul POP case is that it comes with a Uolo shield tempered glass screen protector included! Who wouldn’t want a tempered glass screen protector included with their new iPhone X case, BONUS!

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If you have any questions regarding this case please let us know by emailing!

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