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| Product Detail | 20 dB RF Attenuator 3-Pack Special
20 dB RF Attenuator 3-Pack Special
20 dB RF Attenuator 3-Pack Special
Brand SureCall
UPC 857593005062

SureCall Certified Installers can present your Certification and order 3 SC-ATNR-20db (60dB of attenuator) for the subsidized price of $30 CND!   Offer valid from Nov 1st to Dec 31, 2021.

Contact your account manager for more info on how to purchase this deal.   

SureCall Certified Installers – Increased Productivity:  


You have invested in SureCall’s Certified Installer Training and in SureCall’s RF Meter!  One of your DAS installations is underperforming, but you don’t know why? 

Logically, Systematically and Professionally isolate the problem!    


SureCall’s RF meter reliably measures (+/- 3dBm) the downlink cellular energy between -40 dBm and -110 dBm (RSSI).   If the signal power going into the RF Meter is stronger then -40dBm the RF meter becomes inaccurate.   By adding ~60dB attenuation to SureCall’s RF meter you can also reliably measure the conductive power within the DAS.  Now you can quickly isolate a poor crimp; an off spec connector;  a bad antenna /cable and even quantify the AGC loss at the amplifier!


Power Audit

Measure with one band, we recommend Band 5 (Cellular)

Measure the conducted power at each ‘element’ in the DAS (see attached)

Add 60dB attenuation for all RED measurements

When the power loss at a DAS ‘element’ significantly varies from expectation you have found the problem!    


Band 5 Expectation:

Cable Loss:                                       ~4dB / 100ft (

Booster Gain:                                  Professional & Fusion5X = +62dB // Fusion5S-CA = +69dB // Force5-80 = +80dB

Antennas, Splitters & Taps:          Per Spec

Open Air loss:                                 ~32dB at 3ft from Antenna  (D to E)